Get out of your head and into someone else’s.

Head Trip box (front)
Head Trip cards
Head Trip cards
Head Trip cards
Head Trip cards
Head Trip game pieces
Head Trip box (rear)

Cards Against Humanity’s Head Trip is a new cooperative party game about getting inside your friends’ heads while they answer fucked-up questions from ridiculous perspectives.

  • Infinitely replayable with hundreds of bizarre, raunchy cards.
  • Fancy components including a big colorful board and thick wooden chips.
  • Easy to learn and under an hour to play.
  • Great for any size group from 3 to 10 or more.
  • Not Cards Against Humanity but written and designed by the same horrible people.
  • Rated 17+ for wanton profanity and hilarious sexual content.

How to Play

Head Trip is easy to learn.

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Rules Video

  • What is Head Trip?

    Head Trip is a new cooperative party game about getting inside your friends’ heads while they answer fucked-up questions from ridiculous perspectives. It’s Cards Against Humanity’s first new game since “Cards Against Humanity.”

  • Is it fun?

    Our comedy scientists have computed that Head Trip is at least 86% as fun as Cards Against Humanity.

  • How do I play?

    It’s easy. Each round, one person secretly answers a multiple-choice question from the perspective of a “Head” card, like “You are God.” Then, everyone else has to figure out which answer that person thought God would pick. You can learn the full rules here.

  • Can you show me an example of a round?

    Sure. First, your friend might read this Question out loud:

    What's the best part about pooing?

    • A) The privacy.
    • B) The feeling of the poo coming out.
    • C) The sound of that first plop.
    • D) Flushing the toilet and watching the poo leave your life forever.

    And then this Head:

    • You are Santa Claus.

    Your friend secretly decides how Santa would answer this intimate question. Then the rest of you discuss whether your friend thinks Santa’s favorite part about pooing is the privacy, the plop, or the feeling of squeezing all those chocolate chip cookies out of his jolly butthole—ho ho ho! Everyone then individually votes for A, B, C, or D. Get it right and you keep your voting chip. Otherwise, you lose it (you start with 3). There are a few more details, but that’s the gist.

  • So, what’s Santa’s favorite part about pooing?

    Santa Claus loves dropping presents down tubes. Therefore, the answer is D.

  • How do I win the game?

    Head Trip is a cooperative party game—you work together, and you win or lose as a team. Your group wins by getting through seven Heads before everyone runs out of voting chips. So every time someone loses a chip, it hurts the whole team. That’s why it’s good to really talk things through—not just what you think Santa Claus thinks, but what you all think your friend thinks Santa would think! Whoa man, what a HEAD TRIP!

  • You’re saying I don’t get to beat my friends?

    Oh, don’t worry, you still get to beat your friends. If you do the best job voting for the right answers, you’ll have the biggest stack of chips, which makes you the best person.

  • What about the vibe? What’s it like?

    Imagine eating warm tuna sandwiches at a golf course with your aunt while nursing a massive hangover, and you have urgent diarrhea but the bathroom is broken. The experience of playing Head Trip is the exact opposite of that.

  • I don’t like how Cards Against Humanity is littered with disgusting sex acts and godless liberal propaganda. Did you make these same mistakes with Head Trip?


  • Where can I buy Head Trip?

    Head Trip is available everywhere fine cooperative party games are sold: the CAH Store, Target, Amazon, your local indie game store, the trunk of the car of a guy who calls himself "Laser Jeremy," etc.

  • Do you ship outside the US?

    Yes. Head Trip is available for global shipping from the CAH Store. Please note that orders to the UK and EU will ship in early November.

  • Why are the cards so tall and colorful?

    In a world where Cards Against Humanity ruined party games by turning everything into a monochrome Swiss modern snoozefest, Head Trip stands out from the crowd with its daring use of “colors” and “shapes.”

  • Hey, there’s a misprint on my ABCD tokens. 

    Yeah, turns out our fancy wooden chip printer messed up the tokens in a handful of the very first games we made. Email us at for a free set of replacement tokens.

  • Can I play Head Trip with my kids?

    Head Trip is rated 17+ for wanton profanity and hilarious sexual content. However, we respect your right as a parent to psychologically damage your children.

  • Should I do drugs while playing Head Trip?

    You should do drugs regardless of whether you’re playing Head Trip.

  • Anything else I should know?

    Dolphins have names and fuck each other’s blowholes. Isn’t that nice?